Do Hawaii Voters Count in the Presidential Primary?

[Note added 2/6/2008: Please see an update to this entry at “Hawaii Democratic Primary Caucus February 19“. After Super Tuesday 2008, the political landscape has shifted. ]

Simply put, no. Hawaii’s presidential primary is held on February 19th, well after “Super Tuesday” happens February 5th. To make things even less relevant, Hawaii only holds a primary election for democratic candidates. (For those that are unfamiliar the primary process, there is a great primer blog called “The season is upon us” located at and a comparison of the leading presidential candidates in both parties on this site at “Super Tuesday: Comparing the Candidates“.)

Republicans are relatively new (and mostly moving over from California) in this perennially blue state. So even if Hawaii’s primary doesn’t count toward choosing the democratic candidate, at least democrats get to pretend their vote counts at the ballot box. Would-be republican primary voters have to sit it out completely until the real deal happens in November.

Even then, all of Hawaii’s electoral votes go to the democratic candidate anyway–not that this is meant to be discouraging. But die-hard republicans, whether in the primary or general presidential election, may want to vote elsewhere if it’s important that a vote count. For die-hard democrats in Hawaii, who want a say in the primary, it’s not too late to register to vote (if you’re eligible) in one of the Super Tuesday states.

2 Responses

  1. Why don’t some states participate in Super Tuesday or a Caucus. Why doesn’t Am Samoa get to vote in the general election. Is Puerto Rico and the Am VIs the same?

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